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Eliminate Aches and Pain with The Quietest Massage Gun

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99.7% positive customer reviews
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Quietest Massage
Gun 2021
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Hydragun in the media

“[A] versatile tool to provide targeted treatment to tight and sore muscles… Thoughtfully designed.”

“Users are wildly impressed with the performance and lack of noise.”

"Packs a punch, but is super quiet. Excellent for giving a really deep massage."

“Superb percussive therapy and ease of use, thanks to the ergonomic handle…quieter than a fridge.”

"One of the most technologically advanced massage guns around."

"WAY better than other muscle guns... super quiet, super long-lasting battery life, seriously effective."

What the community has to say

Ashley Lawrence
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Pro-Football Player, PSG

"As a professional athlete, recovery is an integral part of my daily life.
Between games and training sessions, this device is key for muscle relaxation and helps me get optimal recovery."

Angela Lee Pucci
ONE Women's Atomweight Champion

As a professional athlete training numerous hours, every day of the week, recovery is the most important aspect of my training regime. HYDRAGUN makes my recovery easy, portable and accessable.

Bronte Campbell
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Gold Medalist

"Hydragun is a great tool for recovery. It gets to those hard to reach places that rolling and stretching just don’t hit. Love the different settings depending on how much or how little each different area needs."

Lydia Williams
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Goalkeeper for Arsenal WFC

"It's been really good and really easy to use especially when I'm training and coming back up from rehab. [...] Highly recommended, thank you HYDRAGUN!

After some tough sessions and sore muscles, Hydragun has helped me release them and then back up for the next day!"

Caeli McKay
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Pan American Games Gold and Silver Medalist, Team Canada Professional Diver

"The past year has been full of learning experiences. One specific thing I’ve had to learn to work with is my recovery process! With having so much time out of the pool after quarantine my body was hit hard and I found it so hard to recover and soothe my body. The Hydragun made it so much easier for me to relax the tense muscles and give me some relief after a long hard ten meter practice!"

John Wayne Parr
10x Muay Thai world champion

"Loving my new Hydragun as it helps get me through my fight camps when I can’t get to a masseuse."

Siobhan Haughey
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Silver Medalist, Swimming

"I like using the Hydragun after training because it is a quick and easy way to release muscle tensions. It's also light so I can carry it around with me. One thing I love about the Hydragun is that there are six different speed settings, so I can adjust accordingly based on how my muscles are feeling."

Abby Gustaitis
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Captain, USA Rugby Eagles 7s

"I love how quiet the Hydragun is! It’s next level compared to other massage guns I’ve used. And I love using it on my calves after a hard day at rugby training!"

Alistair Donohoe
Tokyo 2020 Paralympian, 8-time World Champion, 4-time Paralympian, Cyclist

“My hydragun has slipped right into the top of my recovery routine and made it so much easier. There is only so much time I can spend on the foam roller and this gun is so useful for targeting those specific niggles as well as effortlessly flushing the big muscles. Plus when I hand it to my partner it makes for a pretty great back massage too. I’m pretty sure my housemates like my Hydragun more than they like me!"

Felicia Spencer
"The FeeNom", UFC Featherweight

I've noticed that soreness goes away days sooner when I use the Hydragun regularly, which makes I can perform better sooner too! I have used a couple other brands of massage gun, and Hydragun is my favorite. For one, the massage isn't just a vibration, it really punches in and out and that percussion is what really gets deep. Also, other guns are a bit loud and hard to talk over or listen to TV/radio at normal volumes, so I'd often just choose to skip the massage. With Hydragun I can do both comfortably!

Brandon Harding
Bodybuilder, CEO of Hardbody

"This oppose to every other massage guns I've ever used in my entire life--this is like the Bugatti Veyron of massage guns, and everything else was basically a lawn mower. This is something that is aiding me in my prep because recovery is a serious problem, but this is definitely helping me get back to where I need to be to hit my next leg day."

Gina Mazany
UFC Mixed Martial Artist

"Hydragun is such a game changer to my performance, it really helps with my recovery. One of the things that I don’t like about other massage guns is when you use it for a long time your hand goes numb but with this one it’s more stable so your hand doesn’t go numb, and you can use it for a lot longer!"

How did we make
Hydragun so quiet?

Hydragun muscle massage gun is powered by SmoothDrive™ motor technology that’s often imitated, but never duplicated. Our brushless motor is why Hydragun is the quietest handheld massage gun.

"It's so quiet... this was one of the reasons I bought it in the
first place. I can sit next to my wife and massage away
quietly while watching TV."

- David Kenny

Not is it just quiet,

Hydragun stays quiet.

Not only is it quiet,

Hydragun stays quiet

"It’s quiet so I can use it while I’m watching TV or reading, or while I’m lying in bed."

- Ade Yong

Find out what makes Hydragun the superior deep tissue massage gun

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do massage guns work

Yes, scientific studies have shown that massage guns can provide relief from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), improve flexibility during warm-ups and alleviate pain. Massage guns use percussive therapy to target deep tissues through continuous pulses and vibrations, which increases blood flow to the problem area and facilitates faster repair and recovery.

How to use a massage gun

First, choose an attachment head that will effectively target the problem area. For example, a bullet head would work when dealing with trigger point pain. Next, switch on the massage gun and float it over the problem area on the lowest setting before slowly increasing the intensity. Depending on the level of soreness and your tolerance, you may want to increase the speed for a deeper massage.

What are the benefits of massage gun

Physical benefits include increased circulation, faster muscle recovery, pain and DOMS relief, and improved mobility and flexibility. Massage guns also offer mental health benefits such as lowered stress levels, relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

What does a massage gun do

Just like a massage therapist, a massage gun provides deep tissue massages to relax muscles, increase blood circulation and provide relief from any soreness or pain. However, scheduling a massage appointment all the time can be costly and inconvenient. This is where a massage gun comes in handy due to its portability, as you will reap the same benefits of a massage anytime and anywhere.

What to look for in buying a massage gun

Before you buy a massage gun, consider factors such as:

Amplitude: a higher amplitude means a deeper massage
Speed: for a customizable massage with varying intensities
Noise level: a loud motor may put you off your rest and recovery sessions
Design: build materials, durability and ease of use
Battery life: a single charge should last for hours or even days
Warranty: for replacements and returns

Is a massage gun worth it

A massage gun is a smart investment for those who suffer from constant aches and pains, whether caused by exercise or chronic conditions. It is a cost- and time-saving solution for those who seek pain relief but don’t want to book frequent massage appointments and prefer the convenience of getting a massage at home or while on the move.

Which massage gun is the best

The best massage guns are ones that fit your individual needs. Based on our surveys and the feedback given to us, customers state that “quietness” is one of the key factors of a good massage gun. This is because a loud motor interferes with their rest and recovery sessions which typically doubles as a relaxing routine, and Hydragun is the quietest massage gun on the market.

Are massage guns safe during pregnancy

When used on a safe and low setting, a massage gun can provide relief to common aches associated with pregnancy such as sore calves and feet. However, we strongly urge you to consult your doctor before using any massage gun - including our own.

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