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Videographer (Intern)


Where your expertise is needed

  • Plan and produce shoots with the creative team.
  • Film videos on set or on location.
  • Ensure that equipment for a shoot is present and working.
  • Edit footage in post-production.
  • Direct other camera operators so that the needed footage is acquired.

Key Qualifications

  • Passionate about fitness and video production.
  • Great work ethics (work under good pressure).
  • Growth-oriented (for yourself, your team and your company).
  • Technical acumen to be able to operate, configure, set up, and fix video, audio, lighting, or other production equipment.
  • Always on the lookout for better video filming styles, software, solutions.
  • Video producer experience (highly preferred).
  • Must be based in Singapore.

Technical Skills Required

  • Adobe Premiere Pro or Davinci or any other video editing software*  (must have).
  • Adobe After Effects (good to have).
  • Adobe Photoshop (good to have).
  • Storyboarding skills.

*Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate, Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Our goal is to raise the overall talent density of our team. We are not just looking to plainly fill a role. The expectation is that you will have the freedom and autonomy to plan and execute on what is necessary to get us results. And that you can do so without the need for someone to oversee your work.

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