What are the specifications of HYDRAGUN?

Speed: Up to 3200RPM
Six (6) swappable attachment heads (including 2 stainless steel)
Aerospace-grade aluminium casing
30 - 50dB
Smart safety chip
Nano-scale silicone grip handle
Up to 6 hour battery life
99° handle
Device weight: 2.3 lbs

What plug does HYDRAGUN use?

HYDRAGUN comes with a 3-pin AC Adaptor (UK plug)
Input: 100 - 240VAC (0.5A Max).
Output: DC25.2V (800mA)

How do I use HYDRAGUN?

Each full body massage session should not take more than 10-15 minutes. HYDRAGUN is designed to shut off after 10 minutes. To continue, simply wait for 1 minute before turning it back on again.

Depending on your desired outcome, we recommend using HYDRAGUN for 15 to 120 seconds per muscle group. You can also treat yourself to a massage session 3 times a day.

Warm Up

When: Before your workout

Duration: 30 seconds per muscle group

Float HYDRAGUN over target muscle group to “wake” them up. Couple with stretches to maximize range of motion and flexibility.

Rest Between Sets

When: During exercise

Duration: 15 seconds per muscle group

Use HYDRAGUN on muscle groups that you’re training while you’re resting in between sets to maximize efficiency. This will help relieve muscle fatigue.

DOMS Prevention

When: After your workout

Duration: 2 minutes per muscle group

Float HYDRAGUN over the muscles you trained (or any sore muscles that require immediate relief) to decrease post-workout DOMS.

What happens to your body when you use HYDRAGUN?

After an intense workout, especially those where you test your physical limits, your body takes on eccentric-exercise–induced muscle damage. A symptom of this muscle damage is the soreness that you feel 24 to 72 hours after the workout, otherwise known as Delayed On-Set Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

When you use HYDRAGUN after your workout, any time before or during DOMS, its high-torque motor delivers a powerful, pummelling action of 3200 RPM which increases blood flow in muscles and shortens DOMS. This increase in blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients that are essential in repairing muscle fibers, thereby relieving the muscle pains and speeding up muscle recovery.

How to operate HYDRAGUN?

Push and hold the power button until the device turns on.

Press the power button once to switch it to gear 1 (1300RPM).

Press the power button again to cycle through gear 2 to gear 6 (3200RPM).

Push and hold the power button to turn it off.

How do I charge HYDRAGUN?

To charge, connect the DC end of the charging adaptor to the battery’s charging port at the base of the massage gun.

Plug the AC side into a power outlet with the same adaptor. Do not force the plug into a non-compatible power outlet.

LED display on the back of the massage gun will indicate the battery level and indicate active charging. Once all 3 LED lights are illuminated, that means the device is fully charged.

Do not overcharge, recommended charging time is 3-5 hours for a full charge. Overcharging may have an adverse impact on the battery life.

Do not operate the massage gun while it is charging.

It is not recommended to deplete the battery before charging. You can charge it at any level and stop once it is fully charged.

What are the safety tips for using HYDRAGUN?

1. Use the massage gun only as instructed. Do not make any attempts to open or repair it and only use the attachments which are included in the box.

2. Not to be used by children, any person who has reduced sensory issues and is suffering from reasoning capabilities. The massager is not a toy and should not be given to children to play with. You must pay close attention if using it near children.

3. Do not try to remove or tamper with the batteries. Only use the charger which is included in the box. A different charger could cause personal injury or damage.

4. Do not use the device while charging. And do not use continuously for extended periods of time. Let the device rest for every 10 minutes of continuous use.

5. Do not insert fingers or foreign objects into the head of the massage gun that are not designed to go in. Only use provided massage gun attachment heads.

6. Never use the massage gun near any explosive atmospheres (gas fumes, dust or flammable materials). There is the danger of sparks possibly generating a fire.

7. When charging your massage gun, it should be done indoors in a well ventilated and dry location. Do not charge it outdoors, in a bathroom or within 10 feet of a bathtub or pool. Do not use the device or charger on wet surfaces. The charger should never be exposed to any moisture, rain or snow.

8. Ensure your charger is properly cared for. Do not leave it plugged in all the time. Keep the charger plugged out when not in use for extended periods. When you do charge it, keep the cord away from potentially tripping someone or being stepped on. If your charger or cord gets damaged in any way contact Hydragun to get it replaced immediately.

9. Do not block any of the vents on your massage device and do not use it if any of the vents are blocked. Keep the massage gun free of dust, hair, lint or any other objects which may reduce the air flow. Always keep your hair, loose clothes and fingers clear of vents and moving parts.

10. Never burn, incinerate or expose the massage gun or the battery to flames. This will cause personal injury and will cause the release of toxic fumes from burning of battery.

11. Do not crush, drop or damage the charger. If your charger has received a sharp blow, been dropped or has been run over by anything, refrain from use and replace immediately.

12. Your massage gun should never be used under any bed covers or pillows. This will cause overheating and may cause a fire.

Can I use this on muscle or bone?

HYDRAGUN is designed to be used on skeletal muscle to reduce and relieve soreness from exertion or activity. Muscles like neck, shoulders, lats, chest, triceps, biceps, thighs, calves, etc that help you to move. If using HYDRAGUN causes intense pain or discomfort, stop use immediately and consult your physician.

How does HYDRAGUN compare to X brand?

We encourage you to conduct your own research before purchasing HYDRAGUN. Compare the specifications and read credible reviews from our customers and community before buying.

What we can say is that we have spent a lot of time and effort into bringing the best sports recovery device to market, and you get the quality that you pay for.

Plus, we bring HYDRAGUN direct to you without distributors or retail markups. That’s why you can get a quality product at an affordable price.


How much is HYDRAGUN?

$399 SGD (for Singapore orders through Shopify Payments) or $299 USD (for worldwide orders through Paypal Express)

Can I use other payment methods?

At the moment, these are the only 2 available payment methods: Shopify Payments/Stripe ( and Paypal ( Both payment methods accept major credit cards like Mastercard, VISA, and American Express.

If you are from outside of Singapore and wish to make a purchase through Shopify Payments (in SGD), please contact our live chat support or email us at

Can you charge me in my local currency?

Due to the available payment methods, we only accept payment in SGD or USD.

Where can I buy this?/ How do I order this?

HYDRAGUN is only available on our website at

We do not have a physical store and are not listed on other sites at the moment.


How do I clean my HYDRAGUN?

Use a slightly damp towel to clean the exterior and handle of your HYDRAGUN. Antibacterial wipes may also be used as an alternative. Afterwards, use a dry towel to wipe off moisture.

To clean the attachment heads, a quick wipe down with a damp towel or antibacterial wipes is sufficient. For the foam head, simply spray with a little alcohol or sanitizer, then air dry.

DO NOT use harsh cleaning products (bleach or other chemicals) on your HYDRAGUN.
DO NOT wipe the inside of the device or the part where the attachments go with a damp towel/cloth.

How do I maintain my HYDRAGUN?

Over time, like all other motors or items that go through numerous repetitions, normal wear and tear may cause the device to get noisier.

You can remedy this by applying electric motor oil on the metal ring where the attachment heads go.

Squeeze electric motor oil around the inner and outer part of the metal ring, allowing it to seep for at least a few minutes before using the device.

Only use electric motor oil to lubricate the device.

DO NOT use automotive oil as this type of oil is too runny and thin for electric motors, and contain detergents that will damage the motor on your device.

What should you NOT DO when using HYDRAGUN

Do not disassemble and try to “repair” your HYDRAGUN. Contact customer support if you find any issues with your device.**

Do not use HYDRAGUN while it is charging.

Do not insert your finger or any foreign object in the part of the gun where the attachment heads go. 

Do not use your HYDRAGUN while you are swimming or anywhere near bodies of water. While the device itself is corrosion resistant, accidentally submerging it in water will damage it completely.

Do not overcharge your HYDRAGUN as this can adversely affect its battery life.

Do not expose your HYDRAGUN to open flames.

What are the terms and conditions of the warranty for HYDRAGUN?

You can go to our shipping FAQ page to read the terms and conditions of the warranty and what we cover.