Percussive Therapy:

The Best Way To Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain


What is Plantar Fascitis?

Plantar fasciitis is one of the leading foot conditions around the world, with millions of people being diagnosed with it each year.

It is a foot condition that develops when repeated activities put a strain and causes inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that supports the arch of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis tends to be most common in athletes who run and jump a lot, people who have occupations that require them to be on their feet all day, including police officers, cashiers or restaurant workers, or people who undergo sudden weight gain.
Gorby, a physical therapist, explains the underlying causes of plantar fasciitis
Common symptoms include feeling a stabbing pain on the underside of your heel, and a feeling of tightness or tenderness along the arch of your foot.
The pain tends to be the worst in the morning when stepping out of bed and taking the first few steps, or after standing/walking for long periods of time.
Chic-ette, a licensed massage therapist, explains how plantar fasciitis symptoms usually manifests in patients.
Common Treatment Options
Treatment options for plantar fasciitis can be broadly classified under 4 categories.
NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
  • Provides effective, immediate pain relief by reducing inflammation of plantar fascia
  • Side effects: heartburn, nausea, hypertension
  • Does not address root of the problem
  • Best for more serious cases of plantar fasciitis
  • May not fix the problem
  • May result in numbness, nerve damage, scarring
Orthotic Footwear
  • Fixes root of problem by reducing stress on foot
  • Does not provide targeted, immediate pain relief
Physical Therapy
  • Helps to loosen tight muscles which may be directly causing the pain
  • Provides immediate pain relief
  • Inconvenient to perform regularly

Out of the 4 options, we believe that the ideal treatment includes a combination of physical therapy, which provides non-invasive, immediate pain relief, and orthotics, which reduces the pressure on the foot and fixes the root of the problem.

Podiatrists (foot doctors), physiotherapists and chiropractors often recommend physical therapy, in the form of stretching & strengthening exercises. But visiting your physiotherapist or chiropractor, or performing these exercises at home regularly, can be a huge hassle. If you are unable to undergo physical therapy regularly, it may severely reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

What if there was a way to stretch, relax and loosen your plantar fascia, without all of the hassle and costs associated with physical therapy?
Percussive Therapy - An Effective Alternative To Manual Therapy

Massage guns are one of the best ways to get targeted and consistent deep-tissue massages in a convenient manner.

And because they are so easy to use, patients suffering from plantar fasciitis find it a lot easier to persist with treatment, as compared to other forms of physical therapy.

$100 Per Visit


$299 unlimited

The costs of visits to your local physiotherapist or chiropractor can also add up very quickly, with each visit costing approximately $100 in the United States. Compare this to Hydragun, which is retailing for $299 and you’ll find that you can get immense cost savings if you were to be able to get pain relief from using Hydragun instead of having to visit the physio/chiro.

Having your own massage gun can also be a huge plus, as you may experience foot or heel pain anytime of the week and may require immediate pain relief.

How Does Percussive Therapy Work?

Using massage guns to perform deep-tissue massages on oneself can help to loosen the tendons, ligaments and fascia that become painfully tight over time.
Massages can break up the scar tissue that is caused by chronic inflammation and loosen up the fibrous tissue band, allowing it to return to its natural shape.
This effectively allows percussion massage guns to replicate the same mechanism that stretching exercises use to reduce inflammation and loosen the muscles and fascia, thus speeding up the recovery process and alleviating pain for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.
How To Use HYDRAGUN As Part Of Your Plantar Fasciitis Treatment?
Select the ball attachment head
Use HYDRAGUN on your shin and peroneus muscles for 30 seconds
Use HYDRAGUN on your calf for 30 seconds
Select the bullet attachment head
Use HYDRAGUN along the heel, arch and ball of your foot for 30-60 seconds
Lightly stretch your foot and rotate your ankles
Perform this massage routine for 1-3 times a day and you will feel better.
There are dozens of massage guns in the market today, ranging from the most premium brands that cost up to $600, to the cheaper generic brands that can be found on Amazon. So why choose Hydragun?
Quietest massage gun in the market
At 30-50 dB, Hydragun is the quietest massage gun in the market today, with its SmoothDriveTM motor and sound-insulating aluminium chassis.
It’s so quiet that you can watch the TV on the couch, or have a conversation with others, while using it at the same time. Other massage gun brands are a lot noisier and may be as piercingly loud as a drill, at up to 70 dB.
Strong, Deep Tissue Massage
Unlike most of the cheaper, generic brands selling on Amazon and other online marketplaces that are retailing at $50-100, Hydragun is able to provide a strong, deep-tissue massage, with up to 40 lb of stall force, a 12 mm amplitude and a speed of up to 3200 RPM.
7 Different Attachment Heads
Customise your recovery with 7 attachment heads, including the
  • Fork Head - Calves
  • Bullet Head - Feet
  • Ball Head - Shins, Calves, Feet

Massaging each of these body parts as part of your recovery routine will be great for relieving plantar fasciitis related pain.

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Expert Reviews
  • Watch how Dr Nick Healy uses the Hydragun to complement his chiropractic treatment for Amy’s plantar fasciitis.
  • How Chic-ette, a licensed massage therapist, enhanced her Plantar Fasciitis Treatment routine for her clients with Hydragun.

    “Normally I would use paraffin wax for plantar fasciitis treatments because it would moisturise and heat up my clients’ feet, softening them so that I can go in deep with my thumb.

    That’s 20 minutes plus an additional $25 per treatment to pay for the wax and supplies. But when I tried using the Hydragun on some of my patients, their feet were warmed up within 5 minutes and they felt good.

    I also didn’t have to work as hard as a therapist because after using Hydragun, my patients’ feet were warmer, softer and more pliable and lubricated.”
  • Recommendations from a physiotherapist on dealing with Plantar Fasciitis - Gorby Sangco, Physical Therapist

    “It’s very important for patients suffering from plantar fasciitis to improve their range of motion and mobility. Unfortunately, physiotherapists cannot be with their patients all the time.

    The best recommendation I can give you is to do regular soft-tissue work on your feet, for example with tools like massage guns. The Hydragun is great because you can use it to give yourself a massage anytime and get immediate relief.”

Satisfied Customer Video Testimonials
We have invited these happy customers (who happen to suffer from plantar fasciitis) for a Zoom interview to share their experiences using the Hydragun. Check out the interview highlights with them in the links below.
  • How Jonathan Got Rid of Plantar Fasciitis
    “There’s this sharp pain in the corner of your foot. Even just going for a walk, I’d have to stop halfway and it was really frustrating.

    I started seeing physios that gave me a lot of exercises to do but these pains were holding me back. I don’t experience plantar fasciitis as much using Hydragun. It does a really good job loosening up all my muscles.

    Very happy to say that I haven’t needed to go to the physio since I started using Hydragun”
  • Dealing With Plantar Fasciitis As A Marathon Runner
    “There was one time where the pain from plantar fasciitis got really bad. It hurt so much and I felt really frustrated as it was bothering me when I was running. It also became harder to walk right after that.

    The plantar fasciitis took me out of training for a couple of weeks after that. The Hydragun was really helpful - during that period of time I would use it first thing in the morning, couple of times during the day if I was home, and it was always the last thing I would do before going to bed.

    I can switch out the heads and target the spot that was really bothering me. I just have a more controlled recovery on my foot. It used to take me 3-5 days to recover but now I can run the next day (after using Hydragun).”
  • How A Massage Therapist Dealt With Plantar Fasciitis After Working Long Hours Standing On Her Feet Every Day
    “I was working 12-hour days on my feet, on tiles, and I got plantar fasciitis. I was using the Hydragun on my feet, which were incredibly sensitive.

    I have really high arches from a condition called Pes Cavus. They are so high that my toes don’t actually touch the ground. So when I stand on my feet, especially on hard surfaces like tiles, it really forces that arch flat and it tears my fascia.

    I don’t even let people massage my feet because it hurts, but when I use the soft ball head on my feet, after 5 minutes of usage, I can feel my feet slowly warming up, the blood starts to circulate more and my fascia is softened.”
  • How This Tennis Player Dealt With Plantar Fasciitis
    “I tend to experience a lot of pain in the arches of my feet and spend the first ten minutes playing tennis in a lot of pain. My feet muscles feel cramped and tight.

    There is some tightness in my calves and it also feels tight underneath the arches of my feet. Using the Hydragun, I feel the pain dissipating almost immediately.”

    I wasn’t able to play tennis on consecutive days due to the pain from plantar fasciitis but after using Hydragun for the first time, I was able to play the very next day and felt pretty loose and pretty good.”
  • No More Heel Pains For Avid Runner Toby After His Wife Gave Him A Hydragun
    “I’ve been having plantar fasciitis for a few years already. I would experience a sharp pain in my ankle right after a run, as well as the very next morning.” - Toby, Husband

    “Every night, he would rub a minty, chinese medicated ointment onto his heels. He used to run twice a week, due to the pain. After using the Hydragun, Toby is now able to run every day.”
    - Belle, Wife
  • Dealing With Running Pains As A Runner
    “I ran on a holiday and suddenly my foot was incredibly painful after running uphill a lot. I found out that I was suffering from plantar fasciitis after a quick Google search.

    Before using Hydragun, I was always kind of stiff. I kind of used Hydragun every day and it really helped. I just find that it relaxes the area around where the pain is, and I found it easier to perform physio exercises after that.

    If I could warm up the body part with the gun, it sends blood to your muscles. When I use Hydragun and I try to do flexibility exercises with my foot (right after), it made it so much easier.”

Frequently Asked Questions
Using Hydragun to treat plantar fasciitis is safe, easy and generally free of any side effects, especially when compared to over-the-counter NSAIDs and surgery.
Experiencing some level of discomfort is normal while using Hydragun. But if you do experience any form of acute pain, it will be best to consult a medical professional. The best thing about using Hydragun is that you are in full control of your massage - You can press deeper or lighter depending on how your foot feels.
You can expect to experience immediate pain relief during and after usage of Hydragun. Assuming that Hydragun is used on a regular basis, together with lifestyle changes, it may take several weeks or several months to significantly reduce chronic pain over the long run.
Physiotherapists and chiropractors may offer other forms of treatments besides massages, so Hydragun may not necessarily be able to fully replace them.

With that said, Hydragun can act as the perfect complementary tool to aid in your recovery. Also, many of our customers do mention in their reviews that they no longer need to go to their local physio/chiro any longer after having bought the massage gun.
With that said, Hydragun can act as the perfect complementary tool to aid in your recovery. Also, many of our customers do mention in their reviews that they no longer need to go to their local physio/chiro any longer after having bought the massage gun.
Hear More About Hydragun - From Others Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis As Well
Still not convinced? Here are more written testimonials & reviews from happy customers.
Maria Richardson
Absolutely worth every penny 100%
Well my wife decided to do some research regarding my foot condition/Plantar Faclities. She came across this website and I have never looked back. We both checked out the reviews and looked at some YouTube videos. The Hydragun was ordered and admittedly we were a little sceptical. It arrived in its own carry case to take anywhere with you. I can honestly say that after using the Hydragun for a few days my foot was starting to feel better. I had been suffering for nearly 8 months and had tried countless treatments. With a combination of two physio treatments and the Hydragun I'm 99% cured. I also use it on all my muscles/joints great improvement. My wife uses it as well and we have been recommending it to our friends. Thanks to Hydragun we are on a daily recovery. Well Done!
Tim Walker
I bought the Hydragun because I've been looking for somthing to relieve my golfers elbow and Plantar Fasciitis and it has been amazing. My wife also now uses it on her shoulders and neck whilst we both watch TV. I also love to exercise at the gym and cycle so I thought that the product can help with sore muscles. I haven't been disappointed yet.

Alan Reeves
A bit of help
I saw this product at my sons apartment and I tired it my Planta Facia (plocimazs foot to others) it has been exceedingly painful: for months now and I need to get deep and often into it to try and work the muscles/tendons. It has helped but by on meanss a full cure, little steps. I am about to buy my daughters one so I reckon that gives and idea on what I think. Good value for a quality products.
It's a lifesaver
I suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis! I see a podiatrist once a week and use the HYDRAGUN at home everyday for 2 X 30 mins. My condition has greatly improved and have started shorted short distance jogging again. It's so liberating. Definitely has been an excellent investment.
I found Hydragun to be really useful and actually works, It's quite quiet compared to others that I have tired. I wasn't sure about paying the amount but now after having and using it obviously pays for itself when you consider 4 appointments with phisio and hydro is already paid off and it's so easy to use and is there when ever you need it and with regular use. I have found that the knotted areas kind of don't exist much any more. Highly recommend this piece of equipment and have actually bought a second for a friend.
Super Good - My Husband Loves it
My husband loves to run and he always has pain on his heels. Every night he needs to massage with his hands (even our massage chair doesnt really provide a targeted massage to his certain area).

After I got this for him, he uses it everyday! This not only helps in his muscle recovery faster but also help to give targeted massage to his heels which he feel much more lesser pain in the morning. Thank u!
Erika Tejero
Amazing!!! Gift for my bubby
This massage gun is a God send!! The different pressures help with both deep tissue and light soreness relief. it's very quiet and also extremely easy to handle. I love the attachment as I am a runner and they can help with bottom of my foot, to calf tenderness, and quad relief. The gun is on par with the more expersive massage guns with a reasonable price tag. Must buy for those looking for muscle relief.
I got this for my mum who walks a lot and often complains of foot and log pain. She is having a great time with it. Says it helps a lot.
High quality! A must have!
I've been suffering with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome for the last year and have had to change my lifestyle dramatically to accommodate my pain management. I'm on rigorous stretching and rooling regimen and purchased the Hydragun as another tool in my toolbox.
It's awesom!!! super high quality and unbelievably quiet, which for me was the seller. I couldn't recommend this product enough and the service from the hydragun team was equally as good. I researched all the top products and the Hydragun was by far the better product. Brilliant product backed by customer services...
Great Product
I'm a Physical Therapist that uses two other brands in my clinic, and I decided to try this one for my personal use after reading reviews.
Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying our each of the attachments and was able to find attachments that worked well for the majority of common problem areas-quads, ITB, hamstrings, gastrocnemius/Achilles, plantar fascia, forearm muscles/elbow, upper traps, shoulders, and even intrinsic hand muscles.
I have found that the other brands attachments work best with larger muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings and glutes, and not as well for smaller ones.
I am really really happy with the Hydragun and would definitely recommend it!
Acutally works
I've had trouble with calf muscles and Achilles for years. After a long run I'm usually hobbling for a couple of days with scre calf muscles and try to roll it out. I bought a Hydragun thinking "it's only the cost of 2-3 sessions at the Physio".
It has been amazing! I use it to warm up before a run and straight after, and have had NO Pain, even on much longer runs, Transformational.
If you don’t like it, simply write to our customer support and request for a refund and we will process it. No hidden restocking fee, no questions asked.
Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. When in doubt, seek help from a medical professional.