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HYDRAGUN is a direct-to-consumer brand specialising in thoughtfully-designed recovery solutions for peak performers. Our flagship product, the Hydragun massage gun, is used by Olympians, World Champions, and recovery professionals on three continents.

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6x Kickboxing World Champion Gabriel Varga shares why the Hydragun is part of his at-home recovery routine.

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Tony Reyes, whose incredible fitness journey took him from morbidly obese to running marathons, compares the Hydragun to two other massage guns.

Customer Stories



Elizabeth brott

Most popular object in the house!

I bought this to manage chronic back pain as recommended by my chiropractor. Its reduced my use of analgesics, I also use it before and after runs. My boyfriend who is a serious athlete know uses it after swims and my kid uses it during stay at home long zoom meetings. Its the best purchase ever!!



Bob Shepherd

Hydragun Leg Massage

I decided to try a massage gun due to my calves, glutes, ITB, quads and general leg muscles needing weekly expensive massages to alleviate muscle strain and cramping as a result of a long term scuba diving accident. Confronted with the multiple brands available I brought a brand in the middle price range - it worked well however failed on week three. Amazon reimbursed me for the product and I returned it. I then decided to go for a top end unit as it was great therapy with good results. I have had the Hydragun for three weeks now and it is sensational, quiet, and gives a great result - no more expensive massages. I only hope it keeps going as it gets a hard work out nearly every night



Michael Moore

Actually Worth The Hype

Let me save you an enormous amount of all the time…I’ve spent countless hours using variety of models and conducted exhaustive research on a lot of massage guns. Over the last several years, I’ve wasted so much time trying to save money buying mid-tier models from a variety of manufacturers in the $175-$250 range. I’ve a dozen devices at this point, anywhere from just 3 weeks to 9 months of use. In the end, I realized there are really only three obvious models to consider, the Hydragun, Hypervolt, and the insanely expensive Theragun. At this point, you’re really getting a great gun no matter what however, the Theragun is thrown out right away due to the cost. Frankly, it’s also surprisingly noisy with their dampening attachment which is recommended for use in many of their massage routines. Then, in my mind it comes down to cost and warranty of the devices and Hydragun runs away with it at that point. Save yourself some time and just pull the trigger on this one.




Highly recommended!

After a few weeks of use I can say Hydragun has definitely helped with my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I’m a photographer, and I haul around hefty camera gear when I shoot and sit in front of the computer when I’m editing, which all takes a toll on my neck and shoulders. I now use Hydragun as a routine after a day’s work, and it’s quiet enough that I can use while watching TV. I feel instantly relieved after a few minutes of using Hydragun.



Zak Andrewartha


Hi guys , ordered my Hydragun the week before I moved house, luckily it arrived the day I moved into my new home , due to COVID I had to move all my belongings with only the help of my son , so I strained muscles I didn’t even know I had 😉 was extremely sore from moving fridges, beds, TVs ,etc , however after using the amazing Hydragun was all good to go the next day to continue moving things around the new house. I can honestly say the Hydragun far out ways my expectations that I had, so much more incredibly powerful then I imagined, however most importantly offers instant relief and also has me waking up the next day feeling so much better in my back then I have previously . Looking forward to testing my “ new” back out on the golf course when lockdown ends . Thank you so much all at Hydragun, excellent service matching such a brilliant product 🙏🏼




It’s a lifesaver

I suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis! I see a podiatrist once a week and use the HYDRAGUN at home everyday for 2 x 30 mins. My condition has greatly improved and have started short distance jogging again. It’s so liberating. Definitely has been an excellent investment.



Steven Ang


I am pleased to have bought the hydragun on the recommendation of my pain management consultant. The massage gun worked to help to relieve my lower back pain as well as the sore body muscles. The gun although is slightly heavy for me at age 78 but still manageable. I like it because it's extremely quiet. No hesitation in recommending to anyone looking for a good massage using this gun.




Happy Customer

Hydragun really works. My job requires to sit at the desk and uses lots of brain cells and I have to stagnant myself at the laptop until last week I got myself the product. I have never felt such relive for over these 15years I would say, now my tension and muscles has reduced almost 70%. I am happier!! The gun is convenient to use. My whole family enjoy using it. The parts are solid made out of good quality materials. Highly recommended product for backaches and pains.



David Kennedy

My new 2nd best friend...

Well... my wife is still No. 1 on the list but I am so impressed with the Hydragun.

I ordered the Hydragun to aid my recovery from DOMS when I returned to playing badminton again after a ten year layoff. Prior to ordering I had terrible muscle soreness from one week to the next after playing, especially on my calves and achilles tendons. Now, using the various Hydragun attachments I'm pretty good for another game after a couple of days (1 days rest after playing). I use the Hydragun when I get home from the club, have a hot shower and do a bit of stretching and the difference I feel the next day is amazing (I could hardly walk the next day previously).

Also, it's so quiet... this was one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. I can sit next to my No. 1 best friend and massage away quietly while watching TV. It doesn't impact on the viewing one little bit and it feels just great on my sore muscles after exercising.

The other thing... I'm still on my first charge after three weeks! I charged it when I first got it and was using it every night for the first week (a bit less now I'm not so sore). The battery is still fully charged. I have never used it past the first (of six) power setting as I find this plenty strong enough, especially for achilles where I use the fork attachment. For my calves I use either the round ball or one of the flat heads which seem to do a good job on them.

I would honestly recommend the Hydragun to anyone, whether you play sport or not - it's pretty nice to just use while watching TV, which is exactly what I'm off to do now.

Thank you Hydragun people. 5 stars from me.



Adam Jenkins

Finally relief after years of pain and soreness

I've been searching for a device or a service to tackle the multiple knots i've had in my legs, shoulder and neck sustained from 3 car accidents, a boating accident and a dislocated knee. I was hesitant to purchase the Hydragun considering it was an expensive unit but i'd spent more over the 30 years since these injuries occurred. After checking out some reviews and videos on YouTube i couldn't stop thinking that the Hydragun could be the thing i'd been longing for so I bite the bullet and made the purchase. Needless to say that I wasn't disappointed, after 2 months of continuous use on those trouble spots the Hydragun has effective erased the majority of knots. As a kid i broke my wrist which restricted movement and clicked every time I rotated my wrist. I used the bullet attachment and using it on various places I can now say that my wrist is back to normal with no clicking and the tightness has been fixed. Ever since purchasing the Hydragun i've been advocating it to family and friends and they are interested in buying one for themselves. I highly recommend buying this product especially if you've got old injuries that have been hard to remove but even if you don't its a great massager that has excellent battery power and comfortable to use.



Lewis Wong

Kudos to Hydragun

I bought this Hydragun as a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife as she has been eyeing this for a while. Kept it from her until the day it was delivered.

My wife has been experiencing pain on her shoulders and back due to her scoliosis and I have been massaging for her for the longest times. The Hydragun replaced my fingers and worked wonders on her. My fingers can finally rest!

My wife now also uses the Hydragun on her thighs and calves as she has begun regular running for the past month. It helps her recover, and as a result, she is able to run consecutively on some days.

Oh and to add, the battery life is amazing and the product is very silent during operation!

In summary, my wife and I are both glad we bought this Hydragun, and we have been proudly showing off and using it on our friends to help spread the good news about it!

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