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Drives Us

We live in a culture of the HUSTLE. We celebrate those who push themselves to the limits. We idolize those who put in the work every single day, non-stop.

But the endless grind can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Do you quit then? No.
you recover.
What the grind takes from you, recovery gives back
— so you can get back up and go again.
Harder, farther, and stronger than before.
Crossing one finish line and carrying
on to the next. And the next.
Person running
The cycle of recovery and hustle is how you live to fight another day. Because in the
end, sports is not just about winning once — it’s about LONGEVITY in the game.
Winning is temporary;
We have seen how sports and fitness have changed many people’s lives. This is why we are committed to our work to become the world’s most trusted solution for sports recovery.

Our mission is to help more people become better humans through enhanced recovery—stronger, healthier and happier.

And here are the three ways we do that.

KNOWLEDGE - We share sports recovery knowledge through our research-backed articles, guest blogging on other sports sites, purposefully-curated social media content and more.

PRODUCT SOLUTIONS - We focus heavily in investing in technology to improve recovery, at an affordable price. While most solutions may cost thousands of dollars, we made Hydragun affordable while still ensuring it is a high-quality and premium product.

SOCIAL & COMMUNITY BUILDING - We engage in social initiatives to inspire underprivileged athletes as much as we can. We also want to tell stories of athletes and unify the sports, fitness and wellness community on the common belief that everyone can become better regardless of their sport, age, gender or ability.With a dedicated team here at HYDRAGUN, we campaign hard for this cause that we believe in, in hopes that the next individual we connect with joins us to make our vision a reality.

With that, we’d like to say: Welcome to HYDRAGUN.
HYDRAGIVES is a community initiative by HYDRAGUN. Every month, we will gift a FREE HYDRAGUN kit to one underprivileged athlete who is passionate about his/ her sport. This is the first of our many planned initiatives to support more athletes in their sports journey.

To nominate an athlete whom you support and believe is passionate about their sport, please answer a few short
questions via this form. Tell us why you think your nominated athlete deserves to be a recipient of our  HYDRAGIVES program. We would love to know their story and get to know them better.

If selected, we will be in touch with you via email. Thank you for supporting our mission. We appreciate you!