Heated stretching massager for whole-body tension release

Experience the ultimate in whole-body relaxation and care with the StretchPad.

Boasting seven powerful stretching and massage routines, it gently lifts, pulls, pushes, twists, rolls, and adjusts the body to help release stiffness and tension from neck to hips.

With 22 precision-controlled air chambers, three intensity levels, and a built-in heating feature to boost blood flow and flexibility, the StretchPad is the easiest way to decompress and wind down after a long day.


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The easiest way to unwind

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    The StretchPad has been featured in…
    • Never before has there been a more targeted massage treatment for your knee. HYDRAGUN is changing the recovery game forever with the creation of this new post-workout tool.”

    • Deeply relaxing. I really enjoyed being able to strap this on wherever, whenever, for a quick on-the-go massage... A one-stop shop for all things dodgy joints.”

    • Whether you just have a niggle or an ache, or maybe you suffer more chronic pain (this would be brilliant for arthritis sufferers), this tech provides targeted relief.”

    • If you suffer from knee pain, the HYDRAGUN HeatPulse could be a game changer. It uses heat and steady vibrations to deliver relief from tightness, soreness and stiffness.”

    • Soothes any aches or ailments with both heat and a soft pulse.”

    • The perfect gift... for the service-industry friend who’s on their feet all day.”

    • The buzz hones in on a spot I cannot target with a percussive massager and the warmth finds it way so deep it feels like it's warming my bones.”

    • A convenient and easy way to help with knee issues... ideal for those afflicted with arthritis of the knee, sprains, ligament strain and pain caused from high-impact sports.”

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      The StretchPad is great for:

      Busy, sedentary lifestyles

      For people who spend hours a day sitting or standing at work without much change in position, and do not have the time or energy to stretch

      Features seven fully automated stretching and massage routines so you can just lie back and let it work its magic

      Chronic pain and limited mobility

      For people who experience chronic muscle aches, pains, tightness or stiffness, and who may be unable to relieve it easily due to limited mobility

      Choose routines for general flexibility or targeted stretches to release tension and promote mobility in the neck, shoulders, back, and hips

      Stress and sleep issues

      For people who have problems falling asleep due to stress and tension

      Activates the parasympathetic (“rest-and-digest”) nervous system, slows down heart and breathing rates, and promotes the release of stress-busting and mood-enhancing endorphins

      How does the
      StretchPad work?

      How does the StretchPad work?

      22 precision-controlled air chambers

      How does the StretchPad work?

      7 pre-programmed stretching and massage protocols

      How does the StretchPad work?

      3 intensity levels

      How does the StretchPad work?

      Infrared heating function

      Air chambers are strategically placed throughout the StretchPad and inflate in sequence to help stretch out your upper and lower back, rotate your neck and back, and compress your neck and hips.

      Enjoy a 10, 20, or 30-minute massage session, and choose from four whole-body and three targeted protocols for different massage needs.

      Choose your preferred setting to get the perfect amount of pressure and just the right depth and intensity for your stretch.

      Turn on the StretchPad's infrared heating feature to relax muscles, increase blood flow, and provide soothing relief for aches and pains in your upper back.

      See the StretchPad in action

      Discover the process behind creating the Atom. Hear from the Atom’s lead industrial designer on our design philosophy and our approach to making the Atom one of the most powerful and beautiful mini massage guns on the market today.

      7 automated massage protocols

      • Stretch

        Our basic stretch and flow routine to work out muscle tension from neck to hip.

        We recommend beginning with this mode when using the StretchPad for the first time.

      • Twist

        Featuring gentle twists to the upper and lower spine to maximize flexibility and mobility.

      • Lift

        An energizing routine with alternating bilateral lifts and pulses to stretch out and massage both sides of the back and spine.

      • Deep

        Features deeper twists, longer holds, and stronger pulses for a thoroughly enjoyable stretch and massage.

      • Targeted

        "Choose from one of our three targeted protocols to focus on the neck and shoulders, lower back, or hips and thighs."

        Why choose the StretchPad?


        Massage chair

        Massage therapist Stretch therapist


        Plug and play

        Setting appointments and commuting takes time




        $60-90 per session


        Massage, stretching, and heat therapy

        Massage only

        Heat therapy included in some models

        Massage or stretching only


        Folds up into a compact 25x18" (65x46cm) package for easy storage

        Bulky, large footprint

        Not applicable


        Take it with you wherever you go

        Too heavy to move easily once installed

        Not applicable

        Easy setup

        Simply unfold the StretchPad, plug it in, select your settings, and get ready for a great stretch

        Easy cleanup

        Made of butter-smooth premium vegan leather for effortless clean-up: just wipe down with a damp cloth if desired

        Easy storage

        Folds and zips into a compact, portable < dimensions > package so it can be tucked away when you're done

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